Nancy Kopperud

Certified Hypnotherapist & Wife of Transplant Recipient

Hi, I’m Nancy Kopperud, CHt

Nancy is a leader in the field of natural health and wellness. She integrates body/mind/spirit practices to assist you in discovering your best solutions when dealing with your life challenges. She has studied nationally and internationally to bring together the finest and most effective programs for your healthiest results. Nancy has been dedicated to serving her practice since 1986, changing lives through stress reduction, pain management, overcoming fears, frustrations, sadness, and loss.

Through a personal experience, she became aware that there is a vast desire for addressing the need for building coping skills and strategies within the transplant and caregiver communities.

“My story began on August 15, 2016, as I received a call from my husband telling me he had just left the doctor’s office after being told he was in stage 4 kidney failure. Our whole world felt like it had come crashing down at the moment!

In my integrative wellness practice, I had the experience of successfully working with issues of stress management, chronic pain from cancer, aging, and accidents as well as a variety of other issues. However, I had never known anyone facing this life-threatening trauma. 

We entered into a new dimension that would forever change our lives. This now became my passion. To be dedicated to creating and implementing strategies and experiences to achieve the best possible outcome for your journey.”

Know that you are not alone, and together we can achieve a lasting Masterful Change.

Join the long list of clients who are reclaiming their peace of mind and feelings of joy. Call me and let’s get started.

My Qualifications

Certified Hypnotherapist

Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy

Certified Anahat Meditation System

Certified Stress Management Consultant

International Association of Counselors & Therapists

Licensed Massage Therapist

East West College of Massage Therapy

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