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Masterful Change has helped hundreds of clients over the last 25+ years.

Through Hypnotherapy, Nancy provides an innovative and effective approach to preparation and recovery for the life-altering event of transplant surgery. Her methods are designed specifically for transplant patients, their families, and their caregivers who want to make Masterful Change in their lives.

With her Coaching program, you’ll be able to work with Nancy on your own schedule. 

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All sessions are virtual for your comfort and convenience.

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This book will teach you how hypnotherapy can give you a new lease on life!

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How Hypnosis Can Help You

Hypnosis is a natural, yet altered state of mind where you are fully aware and in control but your subconscious mind becomes open to powerful and positive suggestions. We can use this state to help you experience more peace and physical relief.

Hypnosis can help you by decreasing stress levels, anxiousness, and pain. Hypnosis can also increase feelings of calmness, peace and happiness. A calm mind will help you implement new healthy habits without relying on willpower alone.

For Transplant Recipients

The preparation and recovery phases of transplant surgery can be overwhelming in many ways. Thanks to hypnosis, we can provide amazing relief from the stress and physical pain in as little as one session.

For Families & Caregivers

Transplant surgery and recovery can be difficult for everyone involved. Hypnosis can help with the mental fatigue, feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, and deal effectively with life's impacts for those caring for loved ones who are going through this procedure.

Get Tips and Strategies To Help You Through The Transplant Process